London Jihadi Received in Heaven by Some of his Virgins


Apparently it’s been so busy up there that they’ve had to draft in some emergency virgins to satisfy demand.


Kim Jong Un Sends a Message of Solidarity to London


In a statement released by the North Korean News Agency (an affiliate of the BBC), the moderate socialist leader, Kim Jong Un, offered his condolences to the victim of the London traffic incident.

“It is with great sadness that we learn today of the passing of one of Britain’s great comic talents who tragically lost his life during the making of a humourous sketch.  We extend our heartfelt sympathies to his 4 wives and 17 children and hope they can take solace knowing that he died executing the art that he so dearly loved. He will be greatly missed by all the people of the Peoples’ Democratic Socialist Republic of Korea, or at least, the couple of dozen who are allowed to own television sets.”

Photo of the dead joker here

Traffic Incident in London. Nothing to do with Anything!


It’s very important that we all resist rushing to any conclusions regarding today’s, um, traffic incident in London.

Clearly, it had absolutely nothing to do with anything whatsoever. Especially not that thing that I know all you bigoted racist knuckle-dragging Trump supporting Brexiteers are thinking.

It was obviously just some socially excluded psychologically disturbed individual who would have benefited from a government sponsored program of advanced driving lessons and a free CD of John Lennon singing ‘Imagine’, to play in his car.

So move along now.

Nothing to see here …..