Protest Politely Please.

Mass Protests planned all over Burma today.

Too Polite? There’s definitely something to be said for it, a kind of quiet resolution. But, will it work? We’ll see.

The Government response:

So, no change then.

It’s like having a nanny making sure you get a good night’s sleep.

The nanny from hell.

Gotta’ get ready to go out.

More Wallpaper

There is still no news really. Maybe there will never be any news ever again. But, hey, how would I know? I’m offline half the day. The other half, I pay scant attention. Just enough to know that there’s nothing to pay attention to, yet.

In America they are hopelessly trying to relitigate what is already beyond litigation. Way beyond. They still don’t get that they are not in Kansas any longer. Eh Toto?

The demonstrations and Civil Disobedience Movement in Burma is still going strong. The military, at least in Rangoon, is keeping a suspiciously low profile. Of course rumors are abundant, arrests, shootings and the daily routine hope porn; ‘Daw Su is free’ etc.

The news, as is so often the case, is what is not happening.

In Rangoon, despite no police and few govt. services, all is incredibly peaceful. There are no robberies, rapes or riots. The huge demos taking place in multiple locations all over the city are almost completely unpoliced and exhibit a determined but jubilant atmosphere. The sense of solidarity and social responsibility is incredible. The people of Rangoon are looking after themselves and each other. There is music, food, costumes, flags and little stalls selling stuff all over the city. We only wear masks to protest. We are having a party.

The party at the end of the world.

So, more wallpaper.

Red Wallpaper

Old Glory Fades

Burma is back online, so; Good Morning.

Apparently, as of tomorrow the internet will be cut for another 2 hours, 11pm-9am. Curfew, 8pm-4am.

Fine, I’ll just make more resistance wallpaper.

Ain’t Fascism grand?

The Terrible Truth

I recommend listening to this while reading.

Let’s face it. The story is now finished. The yarn has been spun and the last thread has been pulled until the final unravelling.

What follows from here on out will be some form of the horror that always follows total defeat at the hands of Tyranny. Of course it won’t be the fall of Constantinople style throwing babies in the air and catching them on spear points for sport. Nor will it be the late industrial age mass slaughter of the gas ovens, gulags and cultural revolution.

Oh no, it will be some kind of sanitized woke high-tech version of same. They’ll probably just tell you it’s for your own good and, even though you know it’s not true, the majority will go along with it because everyone else is. It takes far rarer courage to go against the crowd than it does to go up against a machine gun nest with a grenade in your teeth in the heat of battle.

Our conquerors know this perfectly well. That’s how they won.

The West is Dead.

So, yesterday I went to visit both the major demos outside the Chinese and US embassies in Rangoon.

The one thing the guys at the CCP Embassy clearly seemed to understand is that China is the threat.

Of course, China is not even hiding it now. No need for the cute cuddly panda mask no more. Enter the Dragon.

So, on to the US embassy.

Stunning naivety. The tragedy of false hope.

Yes, they are asking America to help them.

This placard is particularly sad too.

But it’s no surprise they don’t know. Most of America doesn’t seem to get it either.

The End.